Foundation Lifting Indianapolis

Foundation Lifting Indianapolis

Have you been noticing cracks or uneven floors in your Indianapolis home? These could be signs of foundation problems that need attention to keep your house safe. Foundation lifting is a method to fix such issues by adjusting your home’s base back to its original position.

At Michaelis Corp, we offer this invaluable service along with a range of other contracting solutions. If you’re seeing any warning signs of foundation trouble, don’t wait – call us at 1-844-349-4639 or email today. Let our experienced team help secure and stabilize your home.

What Is Foundation Lifting?

Foundation lifting is a process used to raise a building’s foundation to its original level or higher. This is often needed when the ground beneath a building has shifted or settled, causing the foundation to move or crack. Using specialized equipment, contractors carefully lift the structure, ensuring it is evenly raised back to a safe and stable position. This method is crucial for correcting foundation issues and preventing further damage to the property.

foundation lifting Indianapolis

Common Reasons for Foundation Lifting in Indianapolis

Foundation lifting is often necessary due to various underlying issues that compromise the structural integrity of a building. Here are some of the most common reasons why foundation lifting is required in Indianapolis and surrounding areas:

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1. Soil Settlement

Over time, the soil beneath a foundation can settle unevenly due to variations in soil composition, moisture content, and load-bearing capacity. This uneven settlement leads to sinking or sagging of the foundation, requiring lifting to relevel and stabilize the structure.

2. Soil Erosion

Water flow around and beneath a foundation can erode soil, creating voids into which the foundation may sink. Erosion is often accelerated by improper drainage or extreme weather conditions, requiring lifting to correct the resulting foundation issues.

3. Expansive Soils

Certain types of soil, such as clay, expand when wet and shrink when dry. These fluctuations can cause movement and instability in foundations of Indianapolis buildings; foundation lifting can help adjust the structure back to its original position.

4. Water Damage

Excessive moisture due to flooding, poor drainage, or plumbing leaks can weaken the structure, leading to foundation movement. Lifting the foundation can correct the tilt and misalignment caused by water damage.

5. Tree Root Growth

Large tree roots can grow underneath foundations, exerting pressure or causing soil displacement. This can lead to foundation cracks and uneven settling, which might be corrected through foundation lifting.

6. Natural Disasters

Earthquakes, landslides, or severe storms can shift the ground significantly, impacting the foundation. After such events, foundation lifting may be necessary to restore the level and stability of the Indianapolis building.

7. Construction-Related Issues

Poor construction practices or inadequate site preparation prior to building can lead to foundation problems that emerge over time. Foundation lifting can be used to address these issues retrospectively.

8. Age of Structure

As buildings age, their foundations can be subjected to a range of stresses and environmental changes, potentially leading to structural issues that require lifting for correction.

Signs that Your Foundation Needs Lifting

Identifying the need for foundation lifting early can save you from bigger problems down the road. Watch for these telltale signs:

  • Cracks appearing in walls or floors
  • Doors and windows that stick or won’t close properly
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Gaps between walls and the ceiling or floors
  • Cracks in the foundation itself
  • A tilting chimney
  • Water pooling near your foundation after a rain

Experiencing any of these issues may suggest that your foundation is moving and could benefit from lifting. Paying attention to these signs and acting quickly can prevent further damage to your Indianapolis property and help maintain its value and safety.

How Foundation Lifting Works

Foundation lifting starts with a careful evaluation of your building’s structure. Experts then place hydraulic jacks under the foundation at specific points. These jacks gently lift your building back to its original level.

The space is then filled with materials, such as concrete, to keep the foundation steady at its new height. This process makes sure your building is safe and level, correcting issues caused by shifting soil or other factors. It’s a precise method that requires skilled professionals to ensure everything goes smoothly and your Indianapolis property is protected.

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If you’re experiencing any signs of foundation trouble, don’t wait for the problem to worsen. Act now to safeguard the integrity and value of your property.

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